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“Investing in your health is a start for a better future because your Health IS your Wealth

The Total Make Over –Platinum level  

This package is for clients who are looking for a complete lifestyle change in the areas of diet, activity, self-care and home-care beauty routines and products in addition to assistance with mental clarity. All dimensions of GirlstoWomen360 will be addressed in a detailed, personalized and caring manner to bring you to a place of better health and well-being.  This package includes: Two-1 hour consultations, One – 2 hour home kitchen raid, Two individualized menus with work-out schedules/routines, Two meal prep with assistance in making a meal, house essentials and grocery shopping lists must-haves, 1 hour supermarket tour, a list of preferred professional contacts and products, and 1 year subscription to our wellness newsletters.


Mini Make Over- Gold Level                                

Looking for a boost or reboot in all areas of wellness but not able to invest lots of time? Then this package is for you. Areas such as diet, activity, mental clarity, self-care and home-care beauty routines, and products will be incorporated in a plan customized for you.

This package includes: One-1 hour consultations, One – 1 hour virtual home kitchen raid, One individualized menus with work-out schedules/routines, One meal prep with assistance in making a meal, house essentials and grocery shopping lists must-haves, 30 minutes supermarket tour, a list of preferred professional contacts and products, and 6 months subscription to our wellness newsletters.


Boutique Workshops                                            

Looking for an intimate session to unwind and learn about wellness in its pure and natural form with other like-minded women? Then step into our holistic realm because this workshop is for you! Our workshop includes 75-90 minute intimate group sessions of no more than 4 to 7 women, at the age of 18 or older. This pampered service will treat you like the royalty you are. When the workshop of choice is selected the scene is set for that particular mood, whether energized or mellow and relaxed. It’s sure to get you to think about why you are there and it will have you thinking about your next steps before walking out the door.  And when you walk out, you’ll feel like a healthier woman. Delicious and nutritious appetizers, juice bar drinks and our signature goodie bags are always provided before or after the session, depending on the selected topic. Boutique Wellness Workshop Topics include:

 Pretty in Pink, Clothing
Head to Toe, Pampering
Get the Pure Glow, Facials
Mind over Matter, Motivational
Purpose Driven Life, Spiritual
Breathe & Relax, Stress Relief
Just Move, Tone and Shape
Eat Your Way to Wellness, Nutritional


The Green Machine                                             

Want to go plant-based, but not sure how? This package is for those who are looking for assistant in making the transition to a wholesome, tasteful plant-based diet. Three- 1hour sessions are included where Medical Nutrition Therapy is the focus for the first session to capture client’s health needs and wants in order to bring her to a place of full health potential. The remaining sessions irons out the personalized meal plan and assistant in menu planning for the future along. Customized meal prep, cooking tips, grocery shopping lists and One-1 hour supermarket tour included.


Diet Check-up & Weight loss Challenge            

Want to make sure you’re getting all the vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need in your current eating style? Thinking about making changes or meal substitutions but not sure where to start? Looking to lose healthy weight without compromising muscle loss? Then this 30-day transformation challenge is for you! This package focuses on fitness and nutrition with weekly check-ins. Includes high energy, low calorie, nourishing meal plans and specialized workout routines for the mamas. The program works great for groups; sign up your friend and you will receive 20% off the price of enrollment.


Baby is here, now Weight-Be-Gone                 

If you recently had a baby and is looking to get re-energized, toned, healthier and just get your “sexy” back then this is the program for you. This package includes a condensed version of fitness, nutrition, beauty, and mental clarity wellness assessments and personalized implementation for post-partum mothers only. Ask about our bonus package, which includes in-home consultations with prepping and cooking healthy meals for the family.


A Day of Beauty                                                     

Want to get ride of harmful beauty products? Don’t know where to start? Interested in making your own natural products?

Want to learn how to decode the labels? Then this package is for you ladies! An archive of beauty presentations, demos, beauty dos and don’t and a list of preferred products included in this package.

You will be self-taught by our program and you will have free access to a consultant for 30 days. Ask about our bonus in-home beauty consultations.


A Day of Rest                                                         

This once a week session meets for three weeks and addresses mental clarity in it’s various forms. Focus will be how to plan and implement a mental health day/day off, media free day, how to incorporate mini relaxation and rejuvenation tactics during the day, and identifying and managing stressful events or triggers. Other holistic approaches such as meditation, prayer, affirmations, water therapy, bedtime routines, sleep adequacy, and gentle body relaxation movements will be explored to meet you where you are and move you in a place of complete wellness.


Kitchen Raid/Take-Over                                      

This is not your typical raid. Nooks and cranny’s won’t be missed. Wellness feedback and substitutions for a healthy kitchen will be given during the hour, along with our special form of “cleaning.” In addition, this package includes an individualized grocery-shopping list, a supermarket tour, followed by a superb meal prep and assistant with cooking one tasty and healthy meal.  Ask about ourVirtual Kitchen Raid for those who need it. Total time, about  2-3 hours. 

The Full House Raid                                                  

This session will definitely be worth it for those looking to “renovate” their homes to better health. Depending on the size of your home and items in your home will depend on the amount time needed for this detailed wellness house raid. This is where many of the holistic and alternative means of living come into play. Total time, about 4-5 hours.


8 laws of Health (FREE session) 

Wondering what you need to do to increase longevity and better quality of life? Well you don’t want to miss this free webinar. You will better understand how some of GirslToWomen360 fundamental structures came about, learn what has changed and what has remained the same and how evidence based research guides you to the answers you need. Sign up for the next webinar here:


Speaking Engagements

Sharing evidence-based information that is naturally good for girls and women is a goal of GirlsToWomen360. This requires time spent in research coupled with practical professional experience. Offering real-time, realistic and tangible solutions to our customers require knowing the needs of the audience. Price varies and is based on catered information, location, usage of models, cooking demos, printed materials, customization of presentation, and overall quantity of data required needed for preparation. To get a better understanding of your needs, please fill out our questionnaire listed here:

A la Carte Prices


-One-on-One consultation for 1 hour                           Price: $159

-Follow up 30 minutes                                          Price: $79

-Quick check in 15 minutes                                   Price: $45


Beauty/Mental Clarity:

-One-on-One consultation for 1 hour.                 Price: $149

-Follow up 30 minutes                                          Price: $69

-Quick check in 15 minutes                                   Price: $39


Not sure what fits your health and wellness needs? Book a 20 -minutes Discovery Consultation.                     Price $35


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